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Welcome to my models page. This is a showcase of some of the models that I’ve built over the years. Additionally, since she has no site of her own, my mother’s crafts will be displayed here as well. Due to the fact that the images have been on the server for YEARS, and that I’ve never bothered to even do HTML to make a page for them, I’ve decided to just put the majority of them on one massive HTML page displaying all of it. I’ll maybe split it off over time. Back in the days when this site was new, that would have been an absurd thing, but bandwidth is... much more capable today. Some of these pictures are... well, they were definitely taken on a potato! Enjoy!

A model of the Space Shuttle cockpit I built when I was in grade school (High Res Pics available).

My mother Cathy’s carved and painted eggs.

Below are the models I have built (besides the shuttle cockpit).
These images will be inline, unless I ever upload newer pics in the future.

The first model I built, the barn at my father’s farm.

St. John’s church of Sleepy Eye Minnesota.
The building was measured through a combination of trigonometry and sighting, and brick measurement and counting.

The side view of St. John’s church.

LOL... It really did take longer than Duke Nukem Forever!
Preserved for reasons of this being too funny to delete!

This is coming soon, just like Duke Nukem Forever is coming soon.

Yeah... This page has been promising to deliver longer than the legend of vaporware. SERIOUSLY! SRSLY!


Sorry about that. I just had to finally admit that this page officially has the lowest update priority on this site. This page was created BEFORE the dot com bubble burst, even before the bubble blew UP in the first place!!! Crikey! i was playing Duke Nukem 3D back when this page first appeared!

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