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If you do, then go to my Guestbook Entry form to add it. There are many links in my guestbook as well. I would recomend checking the Guestbook and these links just to be complete (Personaly though, I don't realy know if anyone in the world has the time to visit ALL my links!!!)! Thanks for checking out the Richfiles!

The Richfiles Guestbook

This is the Richfiles link page. I don't realy check these often. I just collected them over time. There is a lot of them, so please report links that don't go anywhere or have errors to

I'm including major links, and have deleted links that can be found at other sites. This page has always taken a while to load, so only the most important links will remain. if you can find it elsewhere, I'll link to the other link lists on those sites, rather than duplicat them here.

Robotics related links

To subscribe to the BEAM ROBOTICS MAILING LIST send an e-mail with 'subscribe' in the subject line to:

The Living Machines Paper, written by Mark Tilden and Brossl Hasslacher in PDF format at: Solarbotics

Dave Hrynkiw's

(Excelent source for BEAM robot parts and kits!)

Mondotronics Robot Store
(Excelent Source for Robot Kits, parts, and books, plus they stock some BEAM kits!)

Los Alamos National Laboratories
(Official BEAM page)

(One of the most useful BEAM resources out there!)

Chiu-Yuan Fang's BEAM Page
(Great "news" page when you arrive! Updated often!)

Ian Bernstein's Beam Online
(Great Site with Photo Gallery and Circuits!!! A favorite!!!)

Mark Dalton's Home Page
(Lots of information)

AM Innovations Home Page
(Microcore Walker information)

(Great Site with lots of good informaition)

Scott's Robotics Page

WesternCanadian Robot Games
(A popular robotics show/competition in Canada)

The Encoder (Seattle Robotics Society)
(A fairly popular robotics group)

Twin Cities Robotics Group
(A local (to me) robotics group)

TI Calculator related links

#calc-ti homepage, maintained by

#calc-ti, the IRC channel devoted to TI-calcs

Andi's homepage, maintained by

Usgard/ZShell, me

Ash - The TI-82 Assembler Shell, maintained by Dines Justesen, Email:

Official homepage of Ash

Calculators for the Classroom, maintained by The Douglas Stewart Co., Inc

Educational discounts on TI products for Faculty and School districts

Caz for Macintosh, maintained by Christian Taylor (

Caz for Macintosh, a Z80 assembler

CShell Homepage, The Official, maintained by Keith Burzinski

The Official CShell Homepage

Dimension-TI, maintained by Adam Berlinsky-Schine

This is the best and biggest TI-site of all times. It has games, programs, help, and even lessons to learn about the calculators and programming.

Extender uP Homepage, maintained by Bryan Rittmeyer

Info on the Extender uP, a next-generation memory expander for the TI-92.

Fargo ICQ List, The, maintained by Jared Neilsen

An ICQ List for Fargo and the TI-92

How to build the Parallel Link Cable, maintained by Nicholas Metcalfe

Information and instructions for building the parallel link cable.

How to build the Serial Link Cable, maintained by Nicholas Metcalfe

Information and instructions for building the serial link cable.

How to get your link cable to work, maintained by Nicholas Metcalfe

Comprehensive hints for getting your home-made link to work

Macintosh & TI, maintained by

This site deals with the use of TI with a Mac.

Old TI Calculators, maintained by Gene Wright

Information on older TI calculators, including the TI-59, TI-58C, SR-52, SR-56 and others.

Sami Khawam Homepage, maintained by Sami Khawam (

Hardware( Ir Link, Expander...) and Linking software.

Texas Instruments, maintained by Texas Instruments, the official TI calculator producer.

TI graphing calculators, graphlink cable, computers, DSP, electronics enginering, and educational support.

The Memory Expansion Page, maintained by Mel Tsai

Mel Tsai has created a device he calls The SF Expander. It can plug into a TI-85 link port and gives the calculator 512K or even a full 1024K-ONE MEGABYTE-of external storage memory. It is a memory chip with a serial interface. It opperates as if you had a hard drive or a disk drive connected. Other projects are the Expander II/III and TI-85 schematic mapping. He has discovered 4 new ports on the TI-85 and may design an internal memory expander.

The Programming Zone, maintained by Rick Schilg InteliPage Web Design

Programming stuff, and Calculator Stuff

The Ti-Files, maintained by Dan Koester

A site dedicated to serving you, the gamer. We help the Ti-community in every possible way with eve

TI 86 Assembly - home of the TI-86 ASM FAQ, maintained by Matt -

Cyber Optic presents the most comprehensive web page about TI-86 assembly programming available! Included the TI-86 asm faq, and other documents which are almost impossible to find elsewhere!

TI ASM, maintained by Jeff Holland

TI-83 and TI-86 Assembly games, programs, utilities, and source.

TI ASM Shell Collection Point, maintained by Patrick Sweeney

Collection Point for all TI-8x and 92 shells, (ZShell, USGARD, e

TI-85 Development Tools, maintained by

Home of the Small C compiler, Transfer85, and Stones

TI-86 ToolBox, the Offical Webpage, maintained by

The Offical Home of the TI-86 ToolBox on the Web!

TI-8x Emulation Project, maintained by

A new emulator for the TI-8x Calculators

TI-Modem Design Team Homepage, maintained by Patrick Sweeney

TI-Modem Design Team Homepage

TI85/TI86 ZShell archive, maintained by

A searchable program archive and hardware plans, maintained by - Your Internet headquarters for TI graphing calculators

XCalc Info Page, The, maintained by Christopher Kalos (

Infomation on the Progress of the Universal TI-Calculator Operating System

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