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Welcome to my robotics page. This will see constant future expansion. For now, I'll have images of my robots. Eventualy, each link to each seprate robot, will include schematics, board layouts, and other info including more detailed pictures. I'll also have sections below pertaining specificly to drivers, Nv's, and other things like that, as well as my plans for future robots.

Info on Walkman

Info on Walkman Jr.

BORIS, my Muscle wire based robot

Info and construction of my Solar BEAM Robots

Info and construction of Megavore

Info and construction of Bronco (Walker 3M)

Info and construction of MECI IV M

Info and construction of Spyder

Info and construction of the Hexapod

Info and construction of Turbot

Info and construction of the Floor Monkey

Info and construction of the Sunbird

Info and construction of Quadrapod (Challenger Series I)

Info on Cockroach: Periplaneta (Challenger Series II)

Schematics, PCB layouts and other circuits
(Solar engines are under the solar robots section)
All schematics for complex bots are on their respective pages
(eg. MECI IV M, Spyder, Quadrapod, and all other Challenger series)

Future Robots

my first drawing of the plans for Challenger I.

the frame I built for Challenger I (unfinnished)

Challenger is named appropriately. It's going to be very complex. I've got some stuff on it in the old news section. I built the frame, but I don't have any motors strong enough to operate it. I may simply start from scratch. The frame shown uses 9 motors. I was going to redo the frame and use different legs, and have it use 12 servos, however i reduced it to 8 servos. The legs are going to be different, but I may be able to do it. It might actualy be like the drawing, but not nearly as big. I'll use small materials, make a Robo-Cat or something. I was originaly going to do a pair of challenger bots, and I might yet do this. Fe-Line and K-9... Maybe? I'm also doing a 4 legged version of the Lynxmotion hexapod walker kit. The reduced robot frame mentioned above later led to the idea of Quadrapod. Someday I'd like to do an MIT Attila style robot. That'll be a long time off though, due to it's complexity!

I'm also doing a 5 motor walker. It will be much like either Tilden's Lobster or Walkman robots. I may also incorporate a modular controller system that would allow me to try diferent controllers simply by pulling one and replacing it.

I am going to build some more interesting and more exotic robots (aside from the very complex challenger series). There will be a head that looks at and follows light. I'm making a robotic snake called Roboaconstrictor. There will be a mini 3 motor hexapod too. One of the coolest, and most freakily life like robots I'm planning will be a Spyder, like Tilden's own Spyder. Not sure what I'll call it, but I'm going for the creepy "buggish" look. Robots that might possibly be built in the far future are a "scorpion" and even possibly, a robotic fish (yes, you heard me say fish! :)

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