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BEAM Solar Robots

Three of my solar robots: a Solar Roller, a Photovore, and a Photopopper, all BEAM

All three bots are based on the basic solar engine. One is a SunEater II and simply stores solar energy till it can pulse a motor. The Photovore and photopopper both use a pair of solar engines attached to photodiodes. The solar engine with the highest amount of light on the photodiode triggers. This makes the robot actualy seek out light!

I'd recomend going to Solarbotics. They have kits, and they are very excelent for learning basic BEAM robotics.

These are the individual images of each robot.

A SunEater II based SolarRoller

A Simple Photovore with rear "caster" wheel

A Solarbotics Photopopper

My old Solarbotics Photovore, and a new one I got for free. New one is red.

Here is a short video of the older Solarbotics Photovore from a clip from Algo's FACTory. It's next to Walkman Jr.

Walkman & Photopopper Video-253 K

Schematics of various solar engines:

Schematic of the FLED SE

Schematic of the 1381 SE

Schematic of the LM3909 SE

Schematic of the MAXIM SE

Schematic of the D1 Solar engine (charges in the day, fires at night)

Schematics of various photovores:

Schematic of the Solarbotics photopopper

Schematic of the SE III

PCB layout of the SE III

Parts layout of the SE III

SE III Mechanics

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