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A TI-85 with a Modified "Tiger QuizWiz" case

The Tiger Quiz Wiz is probably one of the best possible candidates for a modified case. It's not so wide, you can't reach keys, and it's also got a nice cover! As you can see below, the cover looks nice. Some sand paper removes the labeling of the case, and a tool such as a dremel easily cuts the interior to fit the calculator. The plastic card holder inside can be pulled out (to make room for the calculator). You may opt to leave it on permanently, but I modified the hinges of the cover so the cover could be pulled off when the calc is in use. You can lay it aside or place it beneath the calculator as you use it. The link port has to be moved. If your calculator has the small PCB assembly, you will have an easier time. There are ways to do it. You must cut a space at the bottom for the link port,a nd sand the thicknes down for the link cable to fully insert. I used an x-acto knife to engrave the "TI-85" into tha case, and then used the same knife to "lay" paint into the grove. When dried, it was very permanent. Inside, it proved to be easy to modify. A Dremel or Wizzard tool cuts the case for the front portion of your calculator to fit into. Keep it as far right as possible. There should be a switch on the left bottom, and a little hole at the top left. The switch can easily be used for a Turbo, EL backlight, or speaker on off switch. The hole at the top holds an encased, resonating piezo electric buzzer easily (the type that won't crash your calc). Run that to the link port with either a diode or a switch (or try both) and you should have a working speaker! THe turbo upgrade is easy. Just follow the instructions.

The QuizWiz cover has TI-85 engraved and colored.

An EL backlight also looks great. Below is an image of the EL (Indiglo) backlight active. EL requires a DC ---> AC inverter, and the EL panel itself, which can be as little as $30-50!

A TI-85 with a Modified "Tiger QuizWiz" case

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