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I have a Power Macintosh G3 tower. It's 400 MHz G3 with a 100 MHz Bus and 200 MHz 1 MB Backside Cache. It has 384 MB RAM, a 12 GB HDD, a ZIP drive, a 120 MB Superdisk drive, DVD-ROM, and I'll be adding another Hard Drive soon. It comes Standard with an ATI RAGE 128 16 MB video card with MPEG decoder module for the DVD-ROM drive. I have added an ATI XClaim VR 128 video card/TV tuner/capture/presentation card, and have a second ixMicro ixTV tuner/capture card modified to output an NTSC tuner signal. There is a 56K internal modem, a 17 inch (16 inch VIEWABLE) monitor, a second 15 inch monitor, a pair of 60 Watt speakers, the Microtek EIII scanner from my old Mac, and a SCSI card to run the scanner!

I have a video camera I can use with the Tuner, and I've constructed this AV Switchbox to route signals to and from the computer. It works real nice! I may build a bigger, better one in the future, but for now, this works, and it works well.

This image shows a bit more detail, and you can just see how nice the computer looks! You can see clearly (hehe) that it sit's on a glass table. I'm paranoid about setting anything worth $4000 on glass, so I placed 2x8s under the glass to support the computer in the event that the glass broke. Hey, better safe than sorry! That 15 inch monitor realy doesn't match. I should get some plexiglass and put it infront of it, with the back etched, just so it remotely looks similar from the front. I'm sure I'm to lazy to do that though! Hehe! ( :

The case even opens with a mere pull of a handle! It's an amazing machine!

This is my former computer. I created my web page (version 2) pretty much on this machine, with an occasional other computer here or there. It's was a 117MHz/32MB Apple PowerBook 1400cs. The LCD was smashed in a a bike accident. I removed the top folding part of the notebook, and installed a video card and external 15" monitor. I have a ZIP drive and a Microtek EIII scanner. My speakers are nice (60 watts per speaker!). I record music onto the ZIP disks and create play lists for my personal entertainment. I have an archive of, and I have my web page and a pictures disk (I've scanned lot's of photos, and retouched some)! If you notice, there is two cables and a circuit board hanging out of the computer you can see it in this close up. Shows the quality of my equipment! ( :

Now, the computer has died. I am selling off the useful parts of it, and this is what's left:

I scan photos for my page, or lay actual objects on the scanner to get pictures of them. I also have a Panasonic video camera. My friend Jake's Macintosh has a Video/TV tuner system, so I use the Camcorder as a camera and capture frames to the computer. Most of the robot pics are from the camcorder. Some are scanned photos. I should have my own TV Tuner/capture/video card soon, so I won't have to bother him with it and won't have to wait till I can see him!

This is an image of Jake's computer on Jake's computer, on Jake's computer (and so on... : )

This is my old Apple macintosh Performa 550. It was my first computer and featured a whopping 33 MHz 68030 Processor, 5 MB RAM, and a 160 MB HDD. Later, I added a ZIP drive. I've sold this very old, but still useful computer to my Aunt. She and her family use it for School, games, and internet.

My annoying PC. I used it 3 times, and 2 times were to see if it worked after moving it. I built it myself, but I shouldn't have. It works fine, but with so many Macs, I never had a need to even look at it. I usualy keep it in the corner of my room or in a closet. This picture was a big occasion for it!!!

I have owned many other computers. My first was a gift from my Grandmother (she died January of 1999). It was a Comodore 128. The Comodore was a great computer, and I still have one!
I'll have pictures of it up after I get my video card

Then I got my hands on a Colecovision "Adam" computer. Not much, mainly good for games. When I was 10, I got a TRS-80 Color Computer II. It wasn't much, but it was the first computer I repaired, and the first computer I programmed. Other computers I've owned were a Tandy 6000 (with an 8 inch floppy drive and a whoping 15 MB Hard drive!), a Color Computer III, an Apple //+, and Apple][e, a Comodore VIC-20, a Comodore 64, and I'm sure I'm forgeting some.

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