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This is a list of some of my better programs, many of which you can now download!

Stick Fighters: 82, 83
A low end version of Mortal Kombat, complete with finishing moves and super weapons. The original game was created by two people I know (Sheldon Johnson and Don Zimmermann). I decided to upgrade it. The latest version has 9 levels, more super weapons, enhanced finishing moves, the ability to save one game and to continue the last game played (provided you don't mess with the variables). There is also a super mode where you have no weapons except for your fists and feet while the enemy has plenty of them. The supermode is recomended for the "Champion" players only and I can only do so many levels of it. Good luck! Version 6.0 takes about 9K. If that is too much, you can try others (Version one is about 3K, Version 4 and 5 are about 8K. I might update the older ones later on, but I have done a lot and I think I am done programming on this game (for a while)!
(I'm considering making a version 7 that is a total restructuring of the program. V7.0 will run faster than the tiny version 1.0 and will probably even have the option of two people playing via the link port or over the SPinTerface Port (on TI-85's when an 85 version of STICKFIGHTERS comes out)!)

Download STICK.SIT!!! All 6 versions of Stick Fighters for the TI-82 (TI-BASIC)
Note: There are problems with running it on the TI-83 (sin command on 83 is sin(, and it causes problems in the equations). The program can be modified, but an 83 ready version will be released.

A TI basic program for the 82 that displays the color codes for resistors.

BLUD 82, 83
My first TI-BASIC Game. Try it.

GRAPH3D 82, 83, 85, 86
Nice 3D graph plotter, has trace and point finding. 82/83 version requires the equation to be put into the file A3DEQUAT.82P. The program runs great, and acceleration makes it better.
GRAPH3D.SIT (for TI-82/83)

Race 85, 86
An indy car racing game similar to Pole Position.

GText 85
An extention that allows the TI-85 to draw text on the graphing screen. It takes about 6K. Sorry, can't get lower.

TABLE 85, 86
An extention that allows the TI-85 to create a table of (X,Y) values from a graphed equation like the TI-82

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